Discover the ultimate dining solution with Dine-in's unique features

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Simplify, Streamline and Elevate your dining experience with Dine-in's smart technoloy

The Dine-in app's three most crucial aspects

Faster Dining Experience

Faster dining, happier customers - Dine-in makes it possible

Seamless Integration

Simplify operations and boost productivity with Dine-in's smart system

Hassle-Free Bookings

Say goodbye to reservation headaches and hello to seamless dining experiences with Dine-In

Discover the powerful features of Dine-in



Simplify the reservation process and eliminate human errors for customers and staff using the Dine-in app

Public Invitations

Easily invite friends and family to join you at your favorite restaurant and split the bill with ease

Private Invitations

Customers can invite their friends with the ability to pay for everyone's bills and allow them to choose their own dishes through the app

QR Code Menu

Enhance the customer experience and promote sustainability by using QR codes instead of paper menus, while also reducing the need for wait staff

Pick Up

Offer customers a seamless pickup experience for their orders placed online

Table Management

Optimize table utilization and guest flow throughout the restaurant with effortless table and reservation management through the Dine-in app

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